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Name Detail Weiß Blau
Primordials Each of these rare Avatar creatures costs MM, has a combat-related ability, and has an "enters the battlefield" triggered ability, the effect of which scales up with the number of opponents.[33] Luminate Primordial Diluvian Primordial Sepulchral Primordial Molten Primordial Sylvan Primordial
Denizens Each of these common creatures has a triggered ability, which triggers whenever a creature of color enters the battlefield under your control.[33] Court Street Denizen Sage's Row Denizen Shadow Alley Denizen Foundry Street Denizen Ivy Lane Denizen
Land Auras Each of these Auras enchants a land and grant that land an activated ability with a  in its cost or an triggered ability, which triggers when that land is tapped.[33] Debtor's Pulpit Skygames Contaminated Ground Tin Street Market Verdant Haven
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